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Brain Energetics uses a gentle touch/contact technique that activates a part of your brain that is largely unused. We are all naturally “wired” to live in our lower, limbic, or reptilian brain. This was important to help us survive in prehistoric times and still serves a vital purpose today, such as making you automatically jump back if you are distracted and about to step off a curb into oncoming traffic. But we also have a higher brain called the prefrontal cortex. Scientists believe that there is an integral link between the prefrontal cortex and your personality, social behavior, complex cognitive behavior and decision-making.

Unfortunately, most of us are still living our lives in our lower brain. Testing of brain activity before a Brain Energetics session reveals that there is little measurable bio-electric activity in the prefrontal cortex. After a Brain Energetics session there is a significant increase in both Alpha and Beta waves in the prefrontal cortex, as measured by EEG (electroencephalogram) equipment. Alpha waves are associated with bliss, joy and a sense of well-being. Beta waves are associated with courage, confidence, and self-worth.

When both the Alpha and Beta waves in the prefrontal cortex are activated, our clients effortlessly take positive actions without fear of failure. Changes take place at the sub-conscious level, so no effort is required. This is NOT a 12-step type or traditional self-help program. The Brain Energetics program make changes on a cellular or organic level. It makes positive and permanent changes to your physiology in all four areas of your life:

1. Inner World (mental and emotional)
2. Physical (body and health)
3. Relationships
4. Outer World (living and working environment)

Who doesn’t want to function more efficiently in all aspects of their lives and feel better, especially if it doesn’t require any active effort on your part except to show up for your sessions? We all want to improve our lives and Brain Energetics will do that for you. Clients can quickly eliminate self-destructive behavior, negative emotions and negative reactions, because Alpha and Beta waves in the brain are significantly increased through our program.

In order to create positive and permanent change, all four areas of your life must change at the same time. And when change is directed by the prefrontal cortex, all four areas of your life WILL change at the same time. If you are trying to make a positive change and focusing on only one area, such as generally feeling happier (Inner World) or losing weight (Physical), then that goal is addressing only one component of your life. The fear-based lower brain focuses on the symptom (“If only I could be more cheerful,” or “If only I could eat less and exercise”) and not the cause of the underlying problem, which is the control exerted by your fear-based lower brain. You are setup to fail before you even begin.

Brain Energetics activates the prefrontal cortex, the most evolved but least-used part of the brain, and then it takes action to correct the cause of the problem and not just address the symptoms. The results are truly amazing, life-altering and permanent. See our testimonials here.
Brain Energetics will improve all aspects of your life. It is so powerful and proven that we even offer a money-back guarantee.

We have observed clients with addictions almost instantly drop those addictions because the Alpha waves in the brain are significantly increased. Scientist have learned that people with addictions are trying to increase their feeling of bliss and joy. The reason they are depressed is because the Alpha waves are low. When the Alpha waves are raised then their natural feeling of satisfaction and their feeling of prosperous appear.  

When this happens we see clients almost instantly drop their addictions. They almost instantly release their stress and become calm and are no longer depressed.

All 4 of these area must change at the same time in order to create Permanent Positive change. And, if these changes are being directed by the prefrontal cortex part of the brain they will change all at the same time.

If one is trying to make a make a change and focusing only on one area, such as attempting to lose weight, then that goal is being set by the fear based lower brain and only in the area of the physical body.  

Already the objective is set for failure because the goals is fear based and is focused on correcting the symptom.  

Once Brain Energetics awakens the prefrontal cortex, now the most evolved part of the brain is taking charge and correcting any of the causes instead of the symptoms.

The results are truly amazing. Please see the testimonials.

Many people are concerned about being more productive and making more money. So far Brain Energetics has been focused on oveall personal improvement.
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