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The best way to communicate the benefits of Brain Energetics is to report what our clients have told us. Here is a list of client testimonials from recent sessions: 

1. I have much more clarity in my thinking.  I noticed how unclear my thoughts were only after getting Brain Energetics - Sherry W.

2. I feel more peaceful - Jeff B.

3. I have much less stress in my life even with being a single father with 2 young children and a full time job - Bill J.

4. I am more self-confidence and I now stand up for myself where I would not in the past - Dee H.

5. My ability to come up with creative solutions for problems and move forward with my projects has increased significantly -  Sherry W.

6. I have no fear of the things I used to be afraid of.  After losing my sole mate I was afraid to enter the world - Dee H.

7. I have completely stopped taking all of my antidepressant medications. I forgot about them because I felt so good, and then realized I didn’t need them anymore - Austin M.

8. I stopped smoking after 10 years - Anonymous

9. My work and family relationships improved significantly easily and effortlessly - Julie M.

10. I realized I was causing all of the drama in my relationships and then stopped - Trisha B.

11. I saw that my beliefs were causing my physical medical issues. When I changed my beliefs those physical issues diminished - Vickie N.

12. I had a serious eating disorder where I would binge and purge. I stopped completely and then I found I had a lot of extra time because it takes a lot of time to binge and purge three or four times a day - Anonymous 

13. I decided NOT to kill myself, after moving to a new city, no job, having been molested as a child, alcoholic and depressed - Anonymous 
Linda Warren

Testimonial about energy in the body, cellular release of old beliefs and activation of the Prefrontal Cortex


"More Peace / Less Stress"

Release of Fear
Creative Energy and Solutions Arise

"Feel Like a Real Person"
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