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Helping People transform their challenges to the life they love, from losing weight effortlessly to eliminating depression and addictions and much, much more.

Results are Permanent, Positive Change.
This is a One Time Program.  One Full Program produces the desired results.

See our amazing testimonials.
Brain Energetics, for explanation purposes, is somewhat like acupressure.  The difference being Brain Energetics is specifically for energizing the brain while acupressure is for the body.  Brain energetics uses a touch on specific areas of the body that sends energy and metabolism through the body and into the brain, which Energizes the Brain to increase function.

Guaranteed Positive Change or your money back.
If positive change isn't seen 1/2 way into the program then we give a fill refund.
  • Sessions on a massage table
  • Session are about 45 minutes each
  • Total of 25 Sessions, 22 visits, 3 "double sessions"
  •  - It takes this many sessions to re-myelinate the pathways 
  • No other device or equipment is needed  
  • The sessions are totally non-invasive.
  • Higher Brain function turned on
  • Positive change becomes "automatic"
  • Permanent - Positive change is achieved
  • Payment plans available
  1. See the 2 minute "Demo" sessions under "What Is Brain Energetics?" to see the technique.
  2. Watch "Testimonials"
  3. Call to schedule an appointment
Once the brain is more fully Energized, and the Prefrontal cortex is awake, your brain begins to make changes to benefit you.

We have found from experience that Brain Energetics is especially effective on Depression.  Watch the "Austin" testimonial.  

For a limited time and for a limited number of applicants, we are offering discounted  1st session and a complimentary second session to the first 10 people accepted into the Brain Energetics Program.  We are interested in getting people with:


Also, those interest in achieving their career goals and happiness.

One does NOT need to have major issues to BENEFIT GREATLY from Brain Energetics.

In return we require the applicant give a before and after video of their situation so we can document results.  

To be considered and to get an application please ask to be considered through the "Contact" tab of this website.
  • Brain Energetics is a very unique technique that releases stress and tension from the body and specifically the spine. 
  • With this release of stress the energies of the body are allowed to flow freely. 
  • These energies are guided specifically to the prefrontal cortex and this process energizes the entire brain. 
  • As a result the prefrontal cortex, the most evolved part of the brain is awakened and begins to take over from the lower brain. 

Scientist say we only use five to ten percent of our brain. Recent discoveries actually reveal that we use 100% of our brain, but we are still falling short and only accessing five to ten percent of the POTENTIAL. Where is the other 90 to 95%? It's in the prefrontal cortex. 

Stress is the leading cause of Dr. visits in the U.S. The release of stress has significant healing benefits for the body. Also, stress is related to the lower brain's activities of watching out for our well being. BUT, the lower brain is being over worked and creating anxiety where none is needed. This is the way most of the modern world operates. It looks normal because every one is doing the same thing. 

But No, it's NOT Natural.
Your Life - No Limits
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